Friday, August 21, 2009

Wha' Happened?

It's been more than a year (aarrgghh!) since my last post because I'm freaking lazy about blogging. Ever since I discovered the mindless joys of Facebook (thank you to all who encouraged me to "get with it") I simply ran out of the extra umph it takes to post elsewhere. Especially when the masses are hanging on my every thought -- what is on my mind today, you must wonder. I want to say: Not much, frankly, but I'll make some shit up to entertain you. To keep up with the facebook Joneses, as it were. I'll tell you the random tune that's stuck in my brain, what I'm making for dinner, things I see out the window, etc. My "thumbs up" for your status to show I'm still connected to the world, and because I can't think of anything clever enough to say. I let the thumb icon speak for me. Pathetic. That doesn't mean I intend to stop giving the thumb. Sometimes the thumb is all I got.